Filipino champion Rey “Hitman” Loreto fought and impressively won in South Africa last month but up to this time he hasn’t received his purse.

Loreto opted to file a complaint with Games and Amusements Board (GAB) against the South African promoter of his devastating first round knockout win over Nkosinathi Joyi in a rematch on March 22 at Mdantsane Indoor Centre in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape.

Loreto is entitled to $40,000 prize money in his initial defense of his IBO world light flyweight title. However, promoter Siphato Handi of Mamali Boxing Productions failed to give him the full amount of his purse.

“My purse money is US$40,000 and $2,000 as training allowance,” Loreto relayed in his letter dated April 10 to GAB chairman Juan Ramon Guanzon. “Unfortunately however, after the fight and up to this date, our promoter, Siphato Handi of Mamali Sport Promotions, failed to give what is due to me as a boxer.”

Loreto added,”out of the total of US$42,000, our matchmaker, Mr. Emmanuel Pinol, gave me only the amount of US$1,000 and US$300 to my trainor, Joven Jorda.”

The 24-year-old southpaw described his experience “very frustrating”.

“I really gave my best for that fight with full expectations that I will immediately receive what is due to me,” he said. “Boxing is my only source of income and my only means of supporting my family.”

Loreto were able to pull a stoppage win despite lack of preparation after undergoing appendix operation.

“I endured the pain (of my surgery) only to participate in the said fight/contest and win it,” said Loreto.

Handi failed to fulfill his promised of sending the money through Pinol on March 27. According to Dr. Nasser Cruz, GAB’s boxing division chief, Handi promised again to send the purse this second week of the month.

According to Jorda, he heard about Handi’s plea to give him more time of coming up with the money. He wanted to send it by installment.

On March 30, Loreto told a boxing website about his much needed two-month vacation.

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